eBookTreasures Windows 8 App

We launched one of the first Windows 8 Store apps in the UK to showcase all of our eBookTreasures. Tilt a tablet and the gold catches the light, use a stylus to annotate the pages.


September 2012 saw the launch of iNQUIRE, our digital research framework. Written in HTML5, it sits abstracted from your repository and transcodes from almost any file format on the fly, giving you an amazingly rich research experience. Find out more about iNQUIRE here..


eBookTreasures is a collection of the greatest books in the world, made available as digital facsimiles. Initially this is for iPad, but we're looking at other platforms as they emerge. We're working with the British Library, Royal Society, Natural History Museum and many others to bring you these rare and beautiful books.

British Library

In a world when books, videos, journals, newspapers, paintings and sound archives have all been digitised, how will we research? The British Library's "Growing Knowledge" exhibition aims to address this question, and Armadillo built both a software framework to demonstrate other examples of best practice, but also developed some next-generation software to demonstrate the art of the possible.

Imperial War Museum

As part of their "Explore History" space in Lambeth, the IWM commissioned Icons, an interactive exploration of selected treasures treating to 1940 from their collection. In an easy-to-use multi-touch display, this application surfaces books, videos, paintings and letters in a way never before possible.

National Trust

In 1487 William Caxton printed his first two-colour book - the Sarum Missal, a Catholic version of the mass for the Legh family, owners of Lyme Park, Cheshire. It's an astonishing book, full of detail about the period, and it's finally been put on display at Lyme Park using Turning the Pages. Happily, it's back in it's original home and visitors can now explore the last surviving pre-reformation Catholic missal - virtually.

British Library

In June 2009 The British Library launched Codex Sinaiticus, a digital re-unification of the oldest, most complete version of the bible in the world, dating from the 4th century. Various parts of the manuscript have been held in London, Leipzig, St Petersburg and St Catherine's Monastery, so Turning the Pages was used to bring them together as one volume as they were written over 1600 years ago.

English Heritage

In February 2009 English Heritage launched an outstanding collection of the field notebooks and Beagle Diary of Charles Darwin, using Turning the Pages. As well as the manuscripts being available on a touchscreen, much of the transcription work is available for the first time, and the kiosk also includes evocative voiceover for both the notebooks and the diary. It's available now at Down House, Kent and will be online at English Heritage's website.

East Ayrshire Council

Working with this local authority, we have now made available their first edition of their "Poems Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect" by Robert Burns. We love this project. It's just one book, but it is tremendously important for the area, and the recordings of the poems are sensational.

Natural History Museum

As part of the Darwin celebrations around the anniversaries of his birth and the publication of "On the Origin of Species" we have made available a digital version of the Origin. It's the copy owned by Wallace, Darwin's collaborator in that work, and has his annotations on many pages. It's available now in the NHM Darwin exhibition and online shortly.

Henry Moore Institute

The Henry Moore Institute continue to grow their online collection of the diaries of the sculptor Helen Chadwick. These were getting increasingly fragile, and the decision to put them online led them to us. They truly do benefit from being available in a realistic format. You can find them here.

National Library of Ireland

After the success of providing digital versions of the works of James Joyce and WB Yeats, the latest NLI project is to provide access to some fascinating early heraldic books, documenting the Flight of the Earls in the 17th century. As well as being installed in a touchscreen onsite.

National Theatre

Down on the South Bank we have installed the National Theatre Digital Archive, an application that allows you to browse through hours of footage of performances at the National Theatre. Chose your camera angle, find out about the cast - it's all here.